High End Munich 2019

In 2019 our equipment was presented at the Munich exhibition in two set ups: ODEON (DAC USB midi, lamp preliminary PRA-2 amplifier and lamp AI-300 amplifier) and Zellaton (phonoproofreader of Phono Kit 4 and DDAC).

The Reed Muse 3C turntable (€15,850) and Reed 5T tonearm (€14,900) with Topwing Suzaku (Red Sparrow) cartridge, coupled to a NEM Phono Kit 4 phonostage with tube power supply, and the formidable YS Sound Electronics amps and preamp, was sourcing the breathtaking Zellaton Reference MkII loudspeakers. Wired with Schnerzinger Atomic Bonding cables and Giga Pulse Protectors (a highly effective adjustable high and low frequency suppression system which protects the audio signal from interfering fields) the system produced the most captivating, palpable, and uncolored sound of the show! The Reed ‘table can be converted into a belt-drive unit, but I did my listening with the ’table in friction drive. The impressive Reed 5T is a tangentially tracking pivoted tonearm (based on Thales’ Theorem). It uses an array of lasers to maintain correct positioning. The lack of cartridge tracing errors led to a very low distortion presentation that had incredible transparency and beautiful tonal color through the marvelous Zellatons. Notes decayed naturally as they do in a concert hall. Slap bass on “The Awakening” had tremendous speed and transient quickness. It was a thrilling ride. For me, it was the best sound of the show!